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Therefore its not uncommon to hear suggestions of starting your preparation by thoroughly going through these books a couple of times. Here we have compiled a list of best books for upsc after talking to few recent toppers of upsc ias exam so rest assured after reading these books you wont be in need of any other book for the preparation. Mastering modern world history norman lowe best book for world history upsc the penguin history of early india. Latest pdf norman lowe world history book pdf download. Philosophy optional syllabus paperi history and problems of. Ncerts 612 th class books 12th class in particular tmh general studies paper 1 covers entire prelims history syllabus and solve all history questions lucent gk book history portion to cover any static questions missed in tmh and ncerts.

Do not refer more than 2 books at the most otherwise you will just end up wasting your time. Related to implications of key events of world history at global level like world wars, financial crisis of 1929 etc evolution of key political ideologies and their impact on global politics socialism, communism, democracy etc, differences between them, their evolution related to key events which changed geopolitical environment of world unification of germany, unification of italy. Modern world history for upsc civils the book youtube. I remember that after my first world history test, ayush sir had walked up to me. This collection will make remembering various landmarks on a world map ridiculously simple. An effective way to read ncerts for upsc civil services examination. In the upsc ias prelims exam, only objective type mcq questions is asked, while in the ias mains exam comprises descriptive type or essay type question papers. This post will be updated as and when relevant material is available. Paper 1 history of india and indian national movements. Upsc ias aspirants mostly refer indias struggle for independence by bipan chandra and such aspirants giving uppsc exams can revise from the same book. Shubhra ranjan psir optional 2020 test 9 download pdf with solution january 30, 2020. Ncert books are basics for upsc preparation and everyone should start their preparation from ncert books only. History books for upsc, history book for ias, best history. World history notes ias pdf download world history upsc.

Go through upsc mains 2017 papers and iasbabas role here. Suggested reading for history exams conducted by upsc for ias. Indian history books for upsc ias exam list of important. Revolutions european domination imperialism the second world war. It will be a little difficult for one to suggest the best books for upsc. How to conquer gs in upsc mains, explained anudeep ias rank 1. Ncerts are crucial when it comes to upsc civil services preparation. Ncert books for upsc list of essential books for ias. Strategy and guidelines for world history preparation for upsc mains exam. Still the commonly accepted books for world history are ncerts. One can also go for ncert books from class 612 but, if you want to built some extra knowledge, then you must go for this book. Ias prelims 2020 is going to take place on may 31, 2020. Coaching institute materials, history, history optional, upsc tagged with. India shastra all you need to know about india and more.

Also the latter one is also available as an orient black swan publication. Upsc books best ias books for upsc civil services exam. Being a subtopic, world history should be prioritized accordingly. These booklets are very useful for those who are doing self preparation. Forum ias upsc prelims 2020 test series test 26 with solutions pdf january 29, 2020. How to study maps effectively for upsc cse ias by roman. Read important topics in history for upsc including important topics of modern history for upsc prelims and mains. There are 9 theory papers in upsc 2020 out of which two papers are on the optional subject. A new look at modern indian history from 1707 to the modern times alka mehta and b l grover s. Ive written this post keeping in mind an absolute beginner aspirant read more. But if you want to tackle most of the questions then a new look at modern indian history. Subscribe to this blog to download a free chapter and hear first when the book launches. The book covers the whole geography syllabus which is required for your upsc prelims and mains examination. As far as possible we have avoided the temptation to give a list of large number of books for each optional.

Download all the study materials by clicking on the link below. World history notes ias pdf download free upsc mains 2017 18. For free guidance on quora by our director, ra israel jebasingh ias2004, rank. But, on the other hand, there are a number of randy mayeuxbooks capital of indian states srinagar. Many of these issues have been discussedaddressed in websites such as quora. But, interestingly, only events from the 18th century is included in the syllabus for gs paper ie. Book for world history paper 2 history of the world by arjun and indira dev. Best youtube channels for ias preparation jagran josh. Remember, whatever may be the case, always refer to your ncerts first.

Notes mantra contains both printed and hand written history optional notes of the subject from top faculties and previous batch students. Countdown next stepup all india free mock click here below is lists for various optional subjects of upsc civil services mains examination. It also has the most static portion of all the four gs papers once you read the standard books and understand the content, answering questions from. Candidates who clear the prelims reach the mains stage of the ias exam. Books for upsc, books upsc, books to read, ebooks to read, books to read online, read books online.

World history is a newly added section for upsc civil services mains. Before you begin, go through the previous years preliminary question papers and analyze them. We believe that repeated reading of few standard texts is good continue reading optionals book lists. For history part of general studies we can divide it in 3 sub parts. History is an important subject in upsc civil service prelims and mains exam.

Please note that many books for upsc civil service mains exam overlap with books recommended for prelims. The complete booklist for upsc civil services prelims exam paper i. Class 11 makhan lal old ncert history books pdf class 11 ancient india rs sharma. Upsc free material for ias preparation notes clues. World history is an important subject in the civil services main examination general studies paper i and history optional. We can call them as basic pillars of upsc preparation. As per the recent trend, atleast 1520% weightage is given to history. A brief history of modern india spectrum publications. The story of civilization by arjun dev should be enough for an intro to world history steps to download ncert books for upsc exam. World history for upsc mains general studies paper1 by. Gs paper 1, which is of 250 marks, is one of the most scoring papers in the written examination. This book is one of the bestselling book deal in modern world history. I had dreamt of becoming an ias right after i passed out of school. Best history of india books to study for the civil service exams.

In this article, well tell you what are the best ias books for upsc prelims exam 2019. Download free ebooks for ias exam, download book pdf for. I liked to read about how was our past and it is always fascinating to know how the older world used to live. Please utilize them for building your knowledge and dont make them commercial. Chronological narrative to help readers understand the development of historical events. World history notes ias pdf download free upsc mains 20172018 hello friends welcome to. From sultanat to the mughalsdelhi sultanat 12061526 1 by satish chandra. Important books and online study materials for world history for upsc mainsbest book. A thorough understanding of world history will help candidates not only in gs paper 1 but also for international affairs.

Study world history for upsc civil services mains examination. Following are the links for ncert books both hindi and english all pdf which are provided here are for education purposes only. Many aspirants in hindi medium preparing for upsc ias exam requested us to give a similar list of helpful upsc ias books in the hindi medium, so we decided to provide a list of useful ias books in the hindi language. Prelims exam is the first stage in civil services or ias examination which is conducted by upsc. We have compiled a list of ias books suggested by toppers in the past years. For the benefit of upsc aspirants, i am working on a detailed guide book on how to write powerful essays and compelling answers in the upsc exam. Medieval india class ix by satish chandra this book is enough for complete medieval history 3. As you start your prelims preparation and read these books, please keep the.

Important books for upsc prelims and mains recommended by. The candidates are advised that instead of reading a book from cover to cover, they should read the selective topics from the books as per the official upsc syllabus. Iasbaba upsc civil services mains strategy paper 1 iasbaba. Since the paper2 history syllabus of ias mains includes the world history topic, you should read this book to cover world history from upscs perspective. However, below are a few suggested by some upsc aspirants. The ias exam or the civil services exam is conducted by the union public service commission upsc.

Iasbaba upsc civil services mains strategy paper 1. Upsc books best books for upsc ias prelims and mains 2020. World history for upsc mains general studies paper1 by pratik nayak mrunal patel. History of india can be divided into 3 sections ancient, medieval and modern. Norman lowe world history book pdf in this article we will discuss about the most famous book of mastering modern world history by norman lowe. For prelims examination, history is divided into three ancient india, medieval india, and modern history. It is important that you study the books topicwise refer the syllabus, and not chapterwise. World panorama, political theatre, indias world, talking history, to the. It is one of the most popular subject in upsc exam. Vajiram and ravi notes pdf package includes 32 yellow books 201920 batch, which will help you in your upsc ias preparation. Syllabus of world history for upsc mains exam includes. How to study history for upsc, history topics upsc. This will help you to understand important concepts of the subject and will help you.

Study material for upsc mains world history topics. This is for the fact that there are a number of books to choose from. Madhu nc bus conductor upsc mains exam cleared, studied 5 hours january 29, 2020. Which book is good for world history for the upsc mains. Rau ias upsc prelims test series 2020 test 33 pdf with solution january 30, 2020. These are given keeping in mind the upscs recent trend of asking difficult questions. The help upsc civils aspirants in prelims, mains and interview.

Then, it covers all the continents of the world, followed by the location of major waterbodies in the world. Hey reader, in this post you will see the strategy, marksheet, booklist and all you need to know about the upsc cse 2018 all india rank 3 junaid ahmad. Although every once in a while, ssc tier 1 and acio contain 12 mcqs from that segment, but cost. Ncert ebooks pdf are available in english medium and hindi medium for free. Which book is best for indian history and world history.

The highly prestigious exam is also one of the toughest exams in the country. Go through the previous year question papers and have a track of your progress. This book is the best book for the aspirants who are preparing for the upsc or other competitive examinations. By notes clues optional subjects, philosophy optional 0 comments. Books play an important role while you are preparing for civil services or any other examination and we understand that one can not buy the whole list of books so we are providing some most read ebooks, you can read online even can download them and if it prove useful then. The following documents are of advanced nature on the world history topics. The events from the 18th century are included in this portion for. Candidates should follow the important ias general studies mains books for the best preparation. Its a comprehensive guide that helps you write better essays and answers in the upsc mains exam. This should give you a brief idea about the type of questions upsc asks under.

How to study world history for upsc civil services mains. Old ncert world history class 9 pdf the story of civilization volume 1 pdf old ncert books history class 10 the story of civilization vol 2. Old ncert history books pdf class 11 ancient india makhan lal. L grover pdf all pdf which are provided here are for education purposes only. For upsc cse prelims, it is highly recommended that you read ncert books from standard 6 to standard 12. Best history book for upsc including ancient history, world history, medieval history and modern history. How iasbaba was helpful in answering 85% of gs mains papers. For world history, go through the ncerts and if get time to supplement your knowledge, you can further read norman lowe world history and study material for upsc mains world history topics insights. The final book to refer for history mains preparation is arjun and indira devs history of the world. So, for those doing self preparation and are looking for the best ias books to prepare for upsc prelims exams 2019, weve got an exhaustive list in this article. Which booksmaterial to read, which subjects to cover up, how to divide time. Sri rams economy book should be thoroughly read to gain a conceptual clarity.

Modern indian history with a primer on post independence india. Important chapters of ncert history for ias, important topics of modern history as well as important topics in medieval history. Forumias posted on june 17th, 2019 last modified on june 17th, 2019 2 comments. This book has almost all relevant details to prepare gs 1 syllabus. With marks spanning across four papers in mains, gs feels like one giant, insurmountable mountain. My book, fundamentals of essay and answer writing is available now. Grover and alka mehta is the book to go for english medium. The aspirants are no longer confined to books and newspapers for their preparation.

This was his 5th attempt and before that in last attempt he got 352 rank and selection in indian revenue service. Aspirants need not to join any expensive coaching because these books are self explanatory notes. Old ncert books pdf download history, geography etc. One very good book to refer is contemporary world history by. These are the books i read for the civil services prelims exam. For upsc civil services mains examination, world history is also there in upsc mains syllabus. This book is bestseller and is recommended by every upsc ias topper. We will first take an overview of why do we need to study maps and how will they help us in life. Ncert books are the holy bible of ias preparation for good reasons, they explain basics in a simple and concise manner, they cover almost.

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