Example cobol copy book parser

This app is designed to parse the cobol copybook and present the data in a useful format. While i am parsing in bw using the cobol copy book plugin, i am getting the. My input file has the records i need to parse in the field indbctext. Scalable cobol copybook data processing using cascading. Level this is the level number of fields in the copybook. Duplicate names are made unique by the addition of one or more numeric digits. This project already worked out some java code to parse a cobol copybook and convert it into an xml representation. For example, if an element in a copybook is defined as being a 6 digit integer, you will most likely end up using an int. In this tutorial, we will develop a parser for translating one specific set of copybooks.

Coverts cobol types to java types and back to cobol types with validation. Field name concatenated names based on level hierarchy data type integer, float, double or bcd field length implied decimal position unitbased, i. It matches the json namevalue pairs to cobol identifiers, and then populates them. Cobol translator creates the tree of all sections in the program so that the user can easily understand the flow. Basically, i need to capture words which come after from. Strings of contiguous hyphens are replaced by contiguous underscores. This app parses the copybook and provides the below information. Generating a java application with the egen application generator. The xml document is shown in the program source to make it easier to follow the flow of the parsing. You could use the javabased proleap cobol parser to extract all kinds of data from cobol files such as level numbers, picture strings etc.

It does this by parsing an egen script file containing a dataview definition similar to the. Useful in legacy modernisation, copybook parser provides information like type of field, length, start and end position. Hi, i am trying to parse an input file using cobol. The json parse statement converts json text to cobol data formats. This pythonbased cobol copybook parser command accepts stdin or a filename, it reads in the copybook text file and returns csv to stdout in the following format. I dont know anything about parsers but i had to write something to read cobol for a work project. Conference in the cloud a perl and raku conf 5,200 views.

Cobol names are converted to json names according to the following rules. Parse cobol copybook files into json using python more info. For example, the copy in the programm cobol could be. Example cobol copybook here is an example of a cobol data structure. Cobol copybook to xml converter cb2xml copybook to xml is a cobol copybook to xml converter written in java and based on the sable. Cb2xml copybook to xml is a cobol copybook to xml converter written in java and based on the sablecc parser generator. Supports parsing and writing of application data based on parsed copybooks. For example, two instances of year become year and year1.

An example cobol copybook source file is shown in listing 21. Parse the copybook into a usable format to use in python. What are some things that i could improve with my python coding and parser design. The proleap cobol parser is licensed under an open source license, so it can be used for free. Next, we will use the parser in a cascading application to read sample data. This example shows the parsing of an xml document, and a processing procedure that reports the various xml events and their associated text fragments. This example is referenced in this documentation to explain how ibm record generator for java processes cobol data structures. Clean up the copybook by processing redefines statements and remove unused definitions.

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